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Customer Testimonials: Here are just a few of the many actual pieces of e-mail correspondence that we have received from our customers about their experience with Spectrum Cleaner Concentrate.  Over 60% of our orders are repeat customers that have discovered how good Spectrum Cleaner is. 

BJ Wade: Ordered a gallon earlier this year. Your product is AWESOME! Just ordered four more gallons. Used on ceilings. Now using on carpets. Caring for my elderly mother. Accidents do happen. Spectrum to the rescue!!!  Thanks for a wonderful product!

RP White: It worked great for our yellow spots from out gas log stove on our ceiling

Gail E:  Thank you for the information. I used your product on my ceiling tiles and it took the water stains out beautifully. I also used the same solution on the fabric Owens Corning Walls, I just sprayed where I had water stains from a basement flood and it took that out also. I thought you might be interested that I did not see any change in the fabric walls other than the stains were removed.  Thanks again, Gail

Dean R:  We tried the first gallon of cleaner we talked to you about last Thursday. Everything worked great so we just put in an order for 12 gallons! We will be ordering quite a bit more as our total job will be over 200,000 sq ft. Thank you for all of your help last week and we are happy to find a good product to enable us to take on this ceiling job!  Thanks, again!

Jane K:  I just wanted to send a sincere THANKS for your advice. It worked excellently!! I vacuumed first and then ended up using about a 75% solution.  Thanks so much!!

Lucie A:  I LOVE your product!!!!!!!

James H:  Overall, your product exceeded my expectations.

Barbara T: I had a computer room ceiling completely yellow from nicotine (as this room is the only room in the house where we smoke). I followed the directions for a textured ceiling (Spectrum, water and peroxide), and the ceiling is now "snow white". What a great product. I highly recommend Spectrum for your difficult cleaning needs.

Evelyn L: WOW!!! It works great. Ceilings from vent less fireplace were so sticky and dark and this turned them White again....
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Leslie W: I heard about Spectrum and have used it and love it!

Frank J:  I used the product to clean my ceiling. Just as you said, it worked fine and I am most satisfied.

Jackie H:  Hey just wanted to let you know I bought a quart of your ceiling cleaner Spectrum.  It cost me $52.45* to ship from Florida to Alberta Canada and it was well worth it. This product is totally amazing. Cleaned my ceiling just great, and believe me it was dirty.  *This is why we do not ship to Canada

K Moss: My husband and son applied the Spectrum (mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide and Water) to our textured ceilings today. Just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the outcome! My husband admitted that he had his doubts that it would really work, but he was pleasantly surprised. I can't stop looking at the ceiling over my kitchen table where before I hated to even look upward due to spider webs, etc. and now it looks NEW!  Thanks again for a great product at a very reasonable price!

Sandra G: I wanted you to know how impressed I am with your product. I am selling my home and have that ugly popcorn textured ceilings. My husband smokes and the ceilings were yellow. Truly disgusting!! We were going to have to paint the ceilings or simply have them redone. I tried your product in hopes that there was a easier, less expensive alternative. I can't believe the results. My ceilings look gorgeously white. I called my Realtor and told her about this. She will be recommending this product to her other clients. I truly am impressed. Thank you!!!!!!

S Haver: I have used all the 2 liter bottle of Spectrum and have now ordered a gallon size. I'm using it on all ceilings, walls and floors. Thank you for the prompt shipment.

V B writes: this is my second order THIS CLEANER IS UNBELIEVABLE my popcorn ceiling was brown from smoking. NOW IT IS WHITE !!!!!!!

K Moore: Thank you so much! I really love the spectrum cleaner. I'm constantly finding new uses for it. Recently I washed the car with it. The dirt just melts away - LOVE IT! Thanks again K Moore

K J writes: I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product.  It did a great job and I will be back to you with another order. Thanks again

S Carlstrom: I just want to say that I smoke and that in 4 years my house became very bad. I'm so pleased with what Spectrum has done with my ceilings and walls.

E B writes: I am using spectrum to clean my 37 year old acoustical ceilings and I must tell you IT WORKS. this is one of best cleaning products I have ever used and the application is so simple and easy.

C Fern - Water spots: Just wanted to let you know that your solution worked great.  I did have to use it over the course of about 4 days, but it really did get the yellow water stains out.

K B writes: Love the Spectrum cleaner and what it does. I have been cleaning my popcorn ceilings and the cleaner is doing a good job

D Hall: William, I have to say thanks, the product did a wonderful job... A guy could start a small part time business doing ceilings??... Thanks a lot

T Forkner: Bill, Thanks very much for your "personal touch" and customer care!

J Perez: I received your product on Fri, Nov 23, 2007. I had my first opportunity to use it yesterday, Sun, Nov 25, 2007. I originally purchased Spectrum Cleaner for my popcorn ceilings. I decided to use it on my walls yesterday before putting up Christmas decorations. The results were instantaneous. This product is absolutely fabulous.

B Yeremian: Thanks so much, I have completely enjoyed doing business with you. It has been a very pleasant experience. I will tell all my friends.. Best regards..

Click on the Prices - Ordering link above and get your order started now. Spectrum is sold with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee!  Pricing includes shipping & handling. 

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